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Muck Rack

“New Sunday Weigh In (Zoom Call)”

Award-Winning journalist Queen Karen G interviewed DJ Renaldo Creative on a live Zoom Call & Podcast. – ECMD EXPERIENCE TEAM

“Maelle Ink Magazine Issue #2”

Maelle Ink Magazine did a album review in Issue #2. – Maelle Ink Magazine

“Featured in MixCloud’s Instagram Stories”

MixCloud featured DJ Renaldo Creative in their Instagram stories two times. –

“White “

Angelo Soto added me to his Spotify playlist. – Angelo Soto

“Royal #EDM Mayhem Playlist Placement”

My song was added to Royal #EDM Mayhem playlist. – Unknown

“Black Queen EP: From Renaldo Creative’s Hospital Room | indieElite”

Renaldo Creative releases Black Queen EP, a surprise EP from his Hospital room. Renaldo has been receiving treatment at Duke University Hospital for complications from cancer. He finishes the mastering in his room. The EP also includes Melanin Queen and Tokyo Drip (Afrobeat Remix). Renaldo Creative fans will also get access to an extra breakbeat. –

“Cancer Patient at Makes Beat In His Hospital Bed”

Renaldo Creative said, I am not letting my 6th cancer or cancer treatment stop me. While on heavy radiation he remixed Tokyo Drip before his set deadline. He made the beat in his Hospital bed. Before, Renaldo had access to the computer. –

“Renaldo Creative”

Renaldo Creative, the music producer, magazine publisher, cinematographer, and photographer. The North Carolina native started out as a songwriter. He has the voice of a leader. He is able to round up creative people and inspire them all to light that fire that is within them to kickstart off their dreams. Renaldo, himself, is a cancer survivor who is overcoming the obstacles that come with going through chemotherapy. –

“Congrats to Renaldo Creative on his show on BDS Station KLZY”

We want to extend a major congrats to our bro Renaldo Creative!

He is out here putting in major work! – Next Level DJ Coalition