Renaldo Creative is an American disc jockey, record producer, magazine publisher, journalist, photographer, and host on Kansas’s Jamz 99.3 FM (KLZY). In 2021, He became the host of Weekend Jamz Party, which features Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Latin, EDM, R&B, and more.  

Renaldo Creative

Renaldo continued to work on music and launched his first podcast. In February 2020, Renaldo announced his debut instrumental album, Grind Hard 1.5-2. In January 2021, Renaldo launched The Party Connect on Mix Cloud. The Party Connect is a weekly mix show with House, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, R&B, Afrobeat, Soca, Dancehall, and reggae music.

In May 2021, Renaldo Creative started treatment for complications brought on by cancer. While in the hospital, he worked on Tokyo Drip (Afrobeat Remix) and released the Black Queen EP, Indie Heat Volume 1 Mixtape, and Drum And Bass Mayhem Volume 1. In November 2021, Renaldo started hosting Weekend Jamz Party on Kansas’s Jamz 99.3 FM.

DJ Crew: Virdiko DJ’s, Next Level DJ Coalition, and Digiwaxx.

Renaldo is influenced by RZA, J Dilla, Jim Johnston, Yoko Shimomura, Kraftwerk, King Tubby, Michael Jackson, Prince, Eric Sermon, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and more


DJ (Mix Tapes and Mix Shows)

  1. Dancehall Zone -Various Artist (2000) Mix Tape
  2. Hip-Hop Mayhem Vol 1 (2005) Mix Tape
  3. Hip-Hop Mayhem Vol 2 (Carolina Indie Artist)
  4. Hip-Hop Mayhem Vol 3 (Brooklyn Indie Artist)
  5. Hip-Hop Mayhem 1-10 
  6. The Party Connect Ep 1-50 on Mixcloud www.mixcloud.com/renaldocreative
  7. Indie Heat Volume 1
  8. DJ Renaldo Creative Presents: Jstone Stone Mix
  9. Kali Cut Throat-P.T.S.D Hosted by DJ Renaldo Creative and DJ Konvict


  1. Zombie Radio
  2. X25 Fitness Radio (Founded in 2012)
  3. Maelle Kids Podcast (Founded in 2018)
  4. indieElite Radio
  5. Maelle Ink Radio
  6. Kansas Jamz 99.3 FM KLZY 



  1. Midnight House Party (2018)  (Single)
  2. Arcade Love (2019)  (Single)
  3. Queen Blue-Get Money (Poppin) (2020  (Single)
  4. ToshaDiva-Where Da Money At (2020)  (Single)
  5. Get Money (2020)  (Single)
  6. Wet  (Single)
  7. Wet V2  (Single)
  8. Asian Love  (Single)
  9. Tokyo Drip (Single)
  10. Melanin Queen (Single)
  11. Black Queen (Single)
  12. Tokyo Drip (Single)


  1. Grind Hard 1 (Album)
  2. Grind Hard 1.5 (Album)
  3. Grind Hard 2 (Album)


  1. Black Queen EP (EP)