October 22, 2017
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Trina Foxx Sci-Fi/Action Movie


Trina Foxx (Tiger Tee) is a superheroine appearing in a fantasy/Sci-Fi movie created by Renaldo Creative. A computer scientist works hard to develop new cybersecurity software. As complications occur, she learns her boyfriend is a notorious villain.

Starring Tiger Tee (Trina Foxx), Rayza Sharp and Princess Foster.

Trina Foxx Movie Press Release

Trina Foxx Movie

HOW ONE LADY SAVE THE WORLD – MOVIE In 2016, Renaldo Creative created a new action movie with an African American female lead. The movie, which is entitled Trina Foxx Raised in America, explores the journey of a computer scientist, mom, and heroine. “I AM HAPPY TO PROVIDE ANOTHER SUPERHEROINES TITLE“, SAYS DIRECTOR, RENALDO CREATIVE. “I LOVE ACTION FILMS AND …